Stolen Film Memories Recovered!

Last year, right after Thanksgiving, a customer came into my office with a shoebox of small film reels that she wanted transferred to DVD. The customer was very organized and had the reels already in the order that she wanted to see them transferred. As we talked about my film transfer services, she started to ask some peculiar questions: Will the transfer damage the film? Will I get everything back exactly as it is? Although the questions themselves were not that unusual, since people are sometimes reluctant to leave their one copy of treasured memories with me, I noticed that this particular customer was quite nervous about leaving her film reels in my care. I decided to pry a little further and I asked her if anything was wrong. After all, we had already gone over all the information on the phone and in e-mail. Finally, she tells me that she stole the films from her sister’s house during Thanksgiving dinner! It turns out that her sister had inherited the cameras, projector and all the film reels of their home movies in their parents will and the sister was very protective of them. For many years, my customer had asked her sister to do something with the film reels and to share them with the rest of the siblings. Her sister would say, like many of us do, that she would get around to transferring the reels some day, but she never took action and instead the reels sat collecting dust in the sister’s home. This year, my customer could simply not wait any longer. She was understandably concerned about the films being lost, degraded or otherwise damaged, so she decided to borrow them and have them converted herself. I let her finish her story and assured her that the reels would be returned to her just as they were and her sister would be none the wiser. The transfer was successful and a few days later, she came back and picked up both the reels and her DVDs. I didn’t think of her much after that until I received this email in January:

Dear Luis,
Thank you very much, the DVDs came out great and I was able to return the film reels without my sister figuring it out, whoever there were so many wonderful memories recorded on those films that I decided to share it with the whole family. I invited everyone for a surprise viewing on Christmas Day, we had a wonderful time together, we laughed, we cried and finally after a private apology to my sister we decided to bring the rest of the film for you to transfer within a few days. Thanks again! See you soon.

It happens very often that even though we know the memories we’ve collected on film are vulnerable, we just don’t take the time to preserve them the way we should. In this case, I was able to help this family preserve these precious memories so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. I can do the same for you and your family. Contact me today and find out how!

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